SemanticDataNavigator–Web 3.0 Data Browser

This is the title of my master thesis project. The whole idea of the project is based on the concept of Web 3.0 (Semantic Web). It assumes that in future Internet all the data will be connected and thus every object could be described in a way that is clear not only for a human but also for a computer.

The main goal of the project is to let the user browse semantic data coming from various repositories. Users can find interesting object (by text search or query editor) and then see full report gathering all the information about the object. Reports are presented using views created by the users. Objects classified as “places” have their own view, “poets” have there own view, which is derived from the view of “people”. While browsing the data, user can do some actions appropriate to the class of objects (i.e. “places” can be shown using Google Maps). Moreover he can build queries about another data. The following short video shows some features of the application.

The project is similar to Freebase but it has some considerable advantages:

  • Users can create queries interactively using the context menu action as well as using the query editor
  • Data are not dependent on concrete ontology
  • Data can be retrieved in parallel from various repositories (providing SPARQL Endpoint)

The project is done as a web application created using ASP.NET MVC 3. The library used to built semantic data layer is dotNetRdf.

At the moment there is no public version of the application.