Command line

CMDer/ConEmu – starting new tab in current folder

Recently I posted about a trick allowing the user to open new CMDer/ConEmu tab in current folder from command line. In response ConEmu team twitted a better solution that I would like to share:


I don’t want to have specific shortcut for each task so I just edited default {cmd} task this way:


The key here is to add “/dir “%CD%” as task parameter and remove “:d:”%USERPROFILE%” parameter from the textbox on the bottom. Just after that when you add new tab (in my case Ctrl + Shift + T) you can specify “Startup directory for new process” or leave it empty. In the latter case (and only then!) ConEmu will open new task in current directory.


Why is this better?

The previous solution required active console in order to execute some command. Now everything is done by ConEmu, so you can have some process running (web server/test watch/vim etc) and at the same time start new tab in the same folder.

Thanks a lot ConEmu Team!


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