Command line

CMDer/ConEmu – starting new tab in current folder from command line

Quite frequently I found myself opening several console tabs in the same folder (for vim, for running unit tests, for git, for executing the application etc). Starting new tab and navigating to my project’s directory is not optimal so I created a short !cmd.bat snippet that I can run everywhere (added as global alias) and it will create a new tab for me in the same directory. Here’s the content:

cmd /k "%ConEmuDir%\..\init.bat" -new_console:C:"%CMDER_ROOT%\cmder.exe"

It’s taken from “ConEmu -> Settings -> Tasks” with slight modification (adding tab icon). Here’s explanation of switches used by the snippet:2017-03-26_23-52-18

/k - run initial script just after running console
-new_console - open process in a new tab
:C:"file location" - path to file containing tab icon

Alternative way is to use shortcut for creating new tab and then selecting current folder from drop-down menu (see below).


Unfortunately because of some bug it does not work in my current version of Cmder/ConEmu (build 161022). The other this is that it requires more clicking 🙂


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