Own projects

Review/Planning no. 0


The following features have been developed so far:

  • The app reads the structure of given folder
  • It saves the structure to a file
  • It calculates hash of every file
  • Other: Environment configuration (VIM + dotnet core SDK 1.0.1)

Some of the features delivered here does not bring real value i.e. calculating file hash or saving data to a file. This highlights the lack of planning last time. Up till now the app is not useful and does not solve any real problem.


The goal of the next iteration is to create functionality to move media files from source folder to target, applying some simple file reorganisation.
Files are organised by file’s creation year and month. Files structure from source location should be preserved. In order to avoid conflicts/errors the target directory must be empty.
The operation must generate some kind of a journal so that the operation can be rolled back or resumed if needed.


  • Generate dry-run file in order to review the moving/organisation process.
    File moving cannot be done on-the-fly. This operation can take a while and it may mess up files structure, so it’s better first to review the file showing suggested list of “source location -> target location” entries.
  • Generate journal file based on source file structure.
    The application should always leave track of every change as it is about moving sensitive data (personal media files). In case of any issues it should be possible to resume the operation or roll it back.
  • Move files to proper folders updating journal.
    Moving physical files from one place to another, based on generated dry-run file.

Currently I do not set the date of next Review/Planning. I expect to have it at latest in 3 weeks but I want to check my velocity first.


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