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DSP2017 – What’s your methodology?

Almost three weeks have passed since the start of DSP2017. I cannot say that I feel excited about what I did. Nothing really changed since the last year (which was unsuccessful). Maybe it’s time for a quick recap? Maybe the way I drive my project after-hours is less serious than then one I do at work? Why? Wiseman said: Pay yourself first.

Maybe the thing is that I miss some kind of a process, rules to proceed, methodology? Why not to take the best of what I do and practice at work?

Talking about me, from now on I want to introduce some scrum ceremonies into my project. I do want to have iterations. And what’s related I want to have a review session followed by planning for the next iteration. I want to make it public, so expect Review/Planning post every iteration (I guess it will be done bi-weekly but this may change).

I feel I need review session to motivate myself. And nothings is a better motivation than making the progress public. Praise if it’s good, sling mud at me if it’s bad. Let it be colorful with clear decision that I want to go on or not.

Planing is also crucial for such project. It makes me know what to do next, so I can focus on coding instead of looking for the next thing to do. The worst excuse for not planning is not having time for it. I was about wasting a lot of time for doing stuff which turned out to be low-priority. Not only once.

Expect the first post soon.


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