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DSP2017 again – introducing my project

DSP2017 has just begun. Last year I started and sank like Titanic – I was not blogging, left the project. In general, I was finding excuses like having no time because of children etc. That was weak.

If you’re new to the topic – DSP2017 is a competition when in three months (March – May) you have to run OpenSource project and blog about it at least twice a week (ok, once a week you can blog about anything).

I started again because I still want to improve. And I know that if I would not start in this competition, I would not get myself together and not blog/code after hours. Frankly speaking I do not play to stand on the podium but rather kick off my after-hours activity.

Getting back to the topic, here’s my project.
I want to create an application for synchronising media files on my computer with external HDD. It comes with a real need. At home my disks are full of images/movies from camera and phones and I do not know which of these were already moved to external storage (usually they are not moved at all). Files are duplicated, unsorted, unnamed. The mess is growing in opposite to free disk space. I need a tool that could help me (or even clean it up for me). I know that there are different tools on the web, but I tried some of them and I was not satisfied (still if you like any of these tools, please leave a comment). I plan to implement the following features:

  • Building file index within selected location
  • Getting file metadata (like creation date of picture/video)
  • Moving files from local drive to external storage (or from one folder to another)
  • Organising files by dates / other criteria
  • Detecting and cleaning file duplicates
  • Rolling back changes (just in case)

About technologies and interesting stuff:

  • I want to use dotNetCore (newest possible)
  • I want to use new dotnet cli
  • As a console freak I do want it to work in terminal (Text mode). At the same time it must be useful and comfortable so it’s possible that I will implement some console widgets
  • I am a huge fun o vim and I will use it as my default editor. But I must admit that I want to try VSCode as well. I don’t want to use full Visual Studio but it’s not a rule.

Wish me luck!


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