For a long time I was addicted to ConEmu terminal-replacement. Nowadays I use
amazing cmder that is simply preconfigured Conemu + extensions. Nevertheless there is one very annoying thing that I didn’t like: TAB behavior. Instead of
simple circular-style autocompletion (like in cmd.exe) it stopped on the last
common character and then showed the list of matches (like in Linux).

It turned out that it is all because of clink – one of ConEmu’s extensions. As
it is very customizable, you can easily override it to behave just like in
the default Windows terminal. Authors predicted that and the configuration is already there, ready to uncomment.

In order to do that:
1. Find \vendor\clink folder in CMDER installation path
2. Open clink_inputrc_base file for editing
3. Uncomment lines 67 & 68 as following



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