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Simple interactive console menu in Powershell

Personally I am a kind of console-freak. If possible, I would do everything in terminal. But in my case loving terminal is not about remembering all the different switches and options of console commands, but rather presenting things in a simple, readable manner, without fireworks. And most of all, navigation must be fast and comfortable. That’s why I prefer choosing options from simple menu than getting through command documentation and juggling with switches/parameters. That’s the course set out by yeoman for example.

I tried to find an easy way of building command-line menus but I couldn’t so I ended up with my own solution. It’s based on Powershell. I’m sharing it here in case you wanted to use it as well.

As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words:

You can still find the code on github:

The script is really short but the best way you can use it is to install it
with PowerShellGet from

install-module -name ps-menu

You can also copy-paste the code from ps-menu.psm1 file in case you wanted to have everything in one place.


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