Finally Master of Engineering!

After 5 years of studying I’ve finally  got academic degree. I gave myself a week of relax and taking some breath and now I can take this blog seriously (it’s just one of many plans I got while writing the final project). Nevertheless, now I can tell my opinion about studying.

After high school young people have to decide what to do, to choose university or to work and gain experience. Elderly would say, that academy is the only solution. Unfortunately (or not)  time changes. Now everyone (or majority) is M.Sc, M.En etc. In real job you need experience rather than academic knowledge (I can’t imagine university that prepares students to be real specialists). But employers need something more than just another M.Sc.

Of course universities are helpful. For example bankers would say that your credit scoring will increase after studies:]  On the other hand in the world of Masters of Science it would be weird not to be one of them. But in my opinion it’s not the main goal. The best solution is to mix working and studying. So forget about Cambridge, Stanford, Harvard and other reputable universities in any country. Take studies, that let you work as much as you want. I’m sure it would be perceived better by your future employer.

Finally I see one great benefit of studies – they put pressure on working on your own projects. Normally, after 8 – 10 hours of working it’s hard to convince yourself to work on another project. But for the final project you have to find time! And thus you became smarter.


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